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Job Description

Job Purpose:

  • The Maritime Cybersecurity SME is part of maritime security. In addition to the physical security of the ship’s assets, cyber security is of great importance. Maritime Cyber security SME is responsible for protecting OSMC maritime Operation IT assets and operations from cyber threats. He will possess a deep understanding of maritime shipping vessels systems and technologies, coupled with expertise in cybersecurity best practices. He plays a crucial role in safeguarding OSMC maritime operations against potential cyber risks and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Develop, implement, and oversee an overall cybersecurity strategy tailored to the maritime environment, including policies, procedures, guidelines, vessel operations, port infrastructure, and shore-based assets.
  • Conduct thorough risk assessments of maritime systems, networks, and applications, identifying vulnerabilities and possible attack vectors.
  • Work with maritime and Shipping IT teams to design and implement security measures for onboard and shore-based systems, including communication networks, navigation systems, and control systems.
  • Monitor maritime network traffic and systems for cyber threats and incidents, coordinating with onboard personnel and relevant stakeholders to mitigate them as soon as possible.
  • Work closely with third-party experts on penetration testing and vulnerability assessments relating to maritime assets and systems.
  • Promote a culture of security awareness and ensure proper cybersecurity hygiene by developing and delivering cybersecurity training programs for maritime personnel.
  • Maintain an up-to-date understanding of maritime cybersecurity trends, regulations, and threats, and provide recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Ensure compliance with maritime cybersecurity regulations and standards by collaborating with regulatory bodies, industry associations, and partners.
  • Investigate and respond to cyber security incidents & Ensure effective communication, containment, eradication, and recovery strategies for maritime cyber incidents.
  • Assist the organization in identifying cybersecurity best practices, technologies, and emerging threats & developing Incident Response Plans.
  • Share Cyber Security Best Practices with Company Fleet.
  • Participate in incident response exercises and simulations to test the effectiveness of cyber security measures.
  • Collaborate with external stakeholders, such as regulatory authorities and industry associations, on cyber security initiatives.
  • Prepare and present reports on cyber security incidents, risks, and mitigation strategies to senior management.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Security, or a related field, or equivalent work experience


Minimum Experience:

  • Minimum 4 – 6 years’ experience Cyber security and IT risks
  • Certificate in cybersecurity (etc. Security+)
  • Knowledge of shipboard control systems, navigation systems, communication networks, and maritime protocols
  • Proven cybersecurity experience (3+ years), focusing on maritime cybersecurity or related fields.
  • Knowledge of maritime cybersecurity regulations, guidelines, and industry standards, such as the IMOs Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management.
  • Strong knowledge of networking protocols, Communication exchange box that has its building firewall, SOC, UTM, Antivirus, Intrusion detection/Prevention systems, and Maritime security tools. 
  • Ability to analyze complex maritime cybersecurity issues and recommend effective solutions.

Job-Specific Skills: 

  • Strong PC skills including Microsoft Office applications.
  • Proven project management Skills.
  • Ability to work independently on initiatives with little oversight.
  • Good communication skills



  • Ability to understand and translate cyber security threats from a technical perspective to business-line understanding and execution.
  • Ability to communicate risks and propose counter measures to senior technology executives.
  • Well-developed analytic, qualitative, and quantitative reasoning skills and demonstrated creative problem-solving abilities with complementary skills for log analytics and diagnosis skills utilizing regular expression and/or scripting.
  • Motivated and willing to learn.
  • Broad technical background utilizing security technologies, such as Server and workstation Operating Systems, Network Security, Vulnerability Scanning Engines, and Compliance Management solutions.


Frameworks & Authority:

  • The SME - Maritime Cybersecurity reports to Senior Manager - Safety & Marine and coordinate one to one with Information security department (Asyad) and confers with the latter on critical and strategic issues.


Job Requirements
Minimum Qualification : Bachelor Degree
Experience : You should have Experience of Minimum 4 years to apply for this Job