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Job Description

Position Title: Specialist - Business Continuity Management



The Specialist will collaborate with all stakeholders to develop and ensure an effective Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) which is a management strategy that detects potential threats and their impact on an organizations resilience and capabilities to respond quickly and effectively. The Specialist has to ensure the resilience of the entity by building an effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program. In addition, the specialist has to ensure an effective enterprise BCM governance framework that is consistent with general regulatory requirements and industry best practices/standards is developed, maintained and adhered to across the ASYAD Shipping and its subsidiaries, so that the company is appropriately prepared for, and can respond to unexpected disruptions to normal activities. The Specialist has to ensure the BCMS protects the organizations reputation as well as the interests of important stakeholders, particularly its brand value. Crisis management, disaster recovery, contingency planning, business recovery, emergency management, and incident management are all covered under one umbrella.



§ Support in Managing BCM program implementation and ensures alignment to incident management, emergency response, crisis management and IT disaster recovery.

§ Assist in establishing a framework and methodology for completion of contingency plan and keep updating the same.

§ Facilitates the effective implementation of the BCM program.

§ Support in Managing BCM program implementation and ensures alignment to incident management, emergency response, crisis management and IT disaster recovery.

§ Assist in establishing a framework and methodology for completion of contingency plan and keep updating the same.

§ Facilitates the effective implementation of the BCM program.

§ Rolls out the BCM program across ASYAD Shipping Subsidiaries whenever applicable during the upcoming years.

§ Reviews and proposes critical program change requirements and provides recommendations to Business Continuity Management committee.

§ Prepares and validates BCM reports. Tracks and reports activity status, issues, risks, escalations and decisions to BCM committee, program sponsor.

§ Ensures deliverables and program requirements are met within budget and timeframe.

§ Facilitates an effective BCM communication plan, and effective BCM training to relevant individuals and departments.

§ Engage and supports independent BCM audits and maturity assessments.

§ Acts as primary point of contact for BCM engagements.

§ Developing success criteria for BCM program.

§ Clarifies and communicates BCM program objectives and success criteria.

§ Manages stakeholders and third-party relationships as necessary in relation to BCM.

§ Participates in external business continuity management organizations and keep abreast of industry best practices and trends.

§ Work closely with technology teams to ensure their disaster recovery plans for critical systems and applications are consistent with the plans developed for the company.

§ Maintaining contact with insurance department to ensure that the organization has adequate coverage in place for all risks.

§ Assist in developing and maintaining an effective disaster recovery plan that meets industry standards and can be executed quickly in the event of an emergency.

§ Conducts risk assessments for various departments and functions, analyzing potential business impact of unpredictable business interruptions such as natural disasters, security breach, legal claims, and market disruptions.

§ Escalate risks and coordinate mitigating responses related to BCM.

§ Coordinating emergency response efforts with internal and external stakeholders as needed.

§ Develop and maintain the department’s response and recovery plan using the tools and templets provided by the company.

§ Identifies and implements recovery operations and methods to allow the company to function at limited or partial capacity in the event that part or all of the infrastructure is damaged or destroyed.

§ Assist in creates and facilitates practice drills for plan execution.

§ Assists in develops and provides staff training on risk management and disaster recovery.

§ Works with health, safety, and security staff and Relevant government agencies to align the organizations emergency management plan with established best practices and community standards.

§ Performs other related duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications:

§ Minimum qualification required is bachelor’s degree in Business Management or Engineering.


Minimum Experience:

§ Minimum of 4 - 6 years’ experience with at least two years in a risk management position or Crisis Management or Corporate Strategy management or Business Process improvement.


Job-Specific Skills:

§ Excellent strategic, problem solving, and analytical skills.

§ Excellent Communication skills



§ Understanding of Risk Management Proactive

§ Ability to think through hypothetical situations and concepts and to identify risks and weaknesses in various business processes.

§ Ability to collaborate with others to develop an emergency plan

§ Crisis Management

§ Incident Management


Frameworks & Authority:

§ ASYAD Group Business Continuity Management Frameworks

§ OIA Business Continuity Guidelines

§ OIA Code of Governance for its entities

§ OIA and ASYAD Shipping risk Management guidelines

Job Requirements
Minimum Qualification : Bachelor Degree
Nationality : Omani
Experience : You should have Experience of Minimum 4 years to apply for this Job
Job Description

Position Title: Junior Officer - Technical



Support the Technical department, Superintendent and Fleet Manager in administrative works of the department.

The job includes but not restricted to dealing with technical matters related to running hours, routine and drydock maintenance, crew overtime, ships records, certification, survey arrangement, stores and spare parts delivery, data entries, company portal update, follow up of invoice payment with different parties.

Coordinating with all concerned Department/Authorities to accomplish task related to technical department and ships



Core Responsibility:

§ The core function will be allocated as core job by fleet manager. The superintendent will enhance the job responsibilities to fit particular fleet requirements

Document Filing

§ Maintain the proper filing system of the technical department

§ As per company policy & upon approval identify and shred / dispose all documents. Maintain a record of all files disposed

§ Ensure all Classification and statutory documents and certificates are downloaded and reported to the concerned ships.

§ Follow up on spare parts status with related departments and ships

§ To send survey updates to respective vessels on bi-annual basis and as required

§ To assist in new ships registration and change of flag/class and help in arranging the required service as applicable

Dry-docking,Audits and Ship Visits

§ Attend office audits and preparation for ships audit

§ Support the SI in perpetration of ships drydocking speciation and occasionally attend ship dry-docking to enhance knowledge and obtain skills

§ Occasionally attend ships during their calls to local ports to improve communication flow with ship staff and enhance practical skills

Spare parts and store control

§ Follow up delivery schedule with procurement dept

§ Support technical superintendent with drydocking spare parts follow up

§ Liaise with Account dept to follow up on invoicing

§ Liaise with site team for the supply of stores/spares to the new ships

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

§ Follow all relevant departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.

§ Liaise with legal department for the registration and documentation of new delivery of ships

Office Control:

§ All technical docs are on the portal/ERP/

§ Survey status to be updated

§ Certificate status to be updated

§ Follow up of purchase and ships procurement

§ Delivery of spares and stores with local agent and onboard

§ Technical bulletins and reports sent/Received/circulated/filed as per the guidelines

§ Flag related matters are well filed

§ Follow up and monitor of ship visit arrangements with concern persons in dept.

All periodical forms & returns as per GMS to be maintained and ready at any time for audit

Continuous Improvement

Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of department systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘international best practice’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.

Coordination between suppliers and accounts department

Coordinate between our suppliers, agents & ships and our accounts department regarding the outstanding invoices.

Accruals report

Prepare accruals report in coordination with Accounts Department at the end of each year as the account department closing their accounts.

End Of Month Reports

Assist in the preparation of timely and accurate departmental EOM statements and reports of ships/PDA and agent to meet company and department requirements, policies and standards.


Minimum Qualifications:

§ Higher National Diploma (HND) or Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with relevant experience.


Minimum Experience:

§ Minimum 1 - 2 years in a similar position preferably within the shipping industry or similar field.


Job-Specific Skills:

§ Organizing and co-ordination skills

§ Record keeping skills

§ Interpersonal and communication skills

§ Ability to prepare simple administrative requests and reports



§ Information seeking

§ Initiative

§ Teamwork and cooperation

§ Attention to details

§ Punctual and Multi-tasking

§ Flexible

§ Organizational Commitment


Frameworks & Authority:

§ Reports to the Fleet Manager and confers with the latter on critical issues.

§ is responsible for performing administrative clerical office work supporting the activities of the Technical Department.

§ Key decisions having significant impact on the Jr. Officer – Technical function are referred to the Fleet Manager for approval before implementation.

Job Requirements
Minimum Qualification : Diploma
Nationality : Omani